Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rose and Lace Wedding Cake

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

Advent Candle Cake Pops

 Perhaps one of the most fun things I've made. These were for my MOPs ladies who are very special to me at Advent by Candlelight, an event this is also very special to me. The flame was a tiny cake pop attached to the candle, another cake pop. I arranged them in a little wreath for display. 👊

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

I Love that I have now made a cake for every year of Danika's life, LOL. Sesame Street was the theme this year. 
The cake is buttercream. 
Bright colors = happiness!

Halloween Cake Pops

I had SO. MUCH. FUN. with Halloween cake pops this year!!

Two Peas in a Pod cupcakes

Two peas in a pod cupcakes for a twin baby shower

Birds in a Nest Twin cupcakes

What could possibly be CUTER than this at a baby shower for twin boys?! I dare you to find something cuter... 
Can't handle the cuteness....

Baseballl cake pops

These baseball cake pops are perfect throughout the Cardinals regular and post season; we like to call them our "rally pops!"

Thank You Cookie Bouquet

99.1 Joy FM in St. Louis has a "Share Some Joy" campaign where they emphasize random acts of kindness during the 1st week of the month each month ( To play off their "You Just Got Joy'd" notes that they provide for this campaign, a local company, Simploy ( decided to "Joy" their clients with these cookie bouquets. I love when my clients get creative!

FedEx Field Cake

My son Gabe celebrated his 7th birthday this year by attending his 1st Redskins game at FedEx Field. When he came home we celebrated with a FedEx field cake!

Simon is Growing "UP" cake

My favorite nephew and godson is growing "Up" and turning ONE... so we made the theme complete with an Up themed cake. Unfortunately for both the little man in the sweater and the buttercream-iced cake it was about 98 degrees outside that day!

Chelsea Soccer Cake

Chelsea Football Club Cake AKA soccer cake

Birthday Cake Cake Pops

With these cake pops, EVERYONE gets to blow out the candles! These are the perfect idea for a group birthday party! So. Much. Fun!

Green Blue and Orange cake pops

Cake pops to match the color scheme!

Jellycat Bashful bunny cake

Lillian's favorite toy is the Jellycat from Nordstrom so this was the cake of choice to celebrate her 1st birthday!


Walking Dead Cake

As far as Walking Dead goes this is a pretty tame choice but crafting bloody hands was still quite disturbing. The birthday girl was quite pleased with the result. 

Pink and brown baby rump cake

Loved this design to match the invitation !

1st Communion Cake: Girl

Simple 1st Communion cake

Cardinals Cake and Cupcakes

Beer Mug Cake

 ...And the best part is that the cake is also my beer flavored cake, made with Six Row Brewing Company's ( Honey Weizen beer. There is no better way to celebrate a 21st birthday....YUM!

Flower cake pops

 Flower cake Pops.. they speak for themselves!
The are arranged in a flower pot and accentuated with ribbon leaves.

Minecraft cake

 You knew it was coming... Those squares are everywhere I turn! Minecraft themed cake for Miss Camryn!

Baby Footprint cake pops

Baby shower for twin girls... We did these little baby footprint pops. They turned out SOO cute!!