Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brownie Wedding Cake: Funky Design

Jillian and PJ came to me wanting a wedding cake made from brownies. They decided on this design with the house on the top of a hill and balloons going up behind the house. Reasoning: PJ (the groom) had proposed to Jillian on a hill and after the proposal, his friends released hundreds of balloons from behind the other side of the hill.

Some other details on the cake:
Some squirrels (because Jillian loves squirrels)
The proposal balloons
A "cake topper" made from a picture that Jillian's 6 year-old sister drew of the two of them.
A mailbox with a J+P


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Note to self: brownie cakes are EXTREMELY heavy and EXTREMELY delicious....

Thank you Jillian and PJ for this opportunity...! That was. so. much. FUN.!

P.S. As we walked into the reception hall to deliver the cake, this song was playing

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