Monday, October 24, 2011

Cake Road Trip: Lego Groom's Cake

I was honored and privileged this month to be able to create a groom's cake for one of my closest friends in my home state of Rhode Island! My aunt was so generous as to open up her kitchen for my cake project (thank you, Marilyn) and Southwest airlines were so kind as to not give me trouble carrying a cake on board. (I baked it in MO, carried it on the plane "naked") and decorated it in RI. Everything went down without a hitch, amazingly. Andrea's groom, Tom, loves and collects Legos so we did a Lego themed surprise groom's cake. So much fun!

 Love is like Legos. Buying a Lego set where all the pieces have already been put together would be no fun. Build your life together, build on the love you have for each other and build a family together. When you step back and see the completed creation, you will be amazed at all the things you have accomplished together. 
Thank you and congratulations Andrea and Tom!

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